Kawah Putih

Unit Bisnis : Ecotourism

“Premium Destination: Expanse view of Crater Lake with white and changeable water colour

Kawah Putih, or White Crater in translation, is a natural tourist destination of a greenish-white volcanic crater combined with white limestone that surrounds the crater lake. Formed from the caldera of the eruption of Mount Patuha, which is located in the tourist area of ​​Ciwidey, Bandung Regency, the air is cold and packed with the atmosphere of the Priangan countryside.

Visitors can take some selfies or pre-wedding photos with the Kawah Putih landscape as the background or merely enjoy the beauty of the Milky Way star cluster and sunrise point at Sunan Ibu. They can also camp in a typical Indian Apache Camp tent, trekking through the forest, birding, and exploring the habitat of the richness of endemic fauna such as the Javanese eagle, surili, panther, wild boar, and many more.

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