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Turpentine is a product of processed pine resin from distillation in liquid form. Turpentine and its derivatives are strong solvents used as raw materials for paint solvents, perfume raw materials, disinfectants, and other chemical mixtures.

Perhutani has eight gondorukem (Resina Colophonium) and turpentine (PGT) factories spread across Central Java, East Java and West Java.

Perhutani Turpentine products are also in accordance with SNI 7633:2020

You can download further information about the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of Perhutani Turpentine at the following links:

SDS Turpentine Oil Download
SDS Alpha Pinene Download
SDS Delta Carene Download
TDS Terpentine Download
TDS Alpha Pinene Download
TDS Delta Carene Download
TDS Pine Oil 40 Download
TDS Terpineol 70 Download


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