Duties and Functions of the Company based on the Purposes and Objectives contained in Article 11 paragraphs 1-3, Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 72 of 2010 concerning State Forestry Public Company (Perum)

The purposes and objectives of the Company are to carry out a business that aims for public benefit in the form of goods and/or services related to Forest Management and quality forest products at affordable prices by the community, based on the principles of sustainable Forest Management and the principles of good corporate governance.

To achieve the purposes and objectives as referred to in paragraph (1), the Company carries out the following primary business activities:

  1. Forest management and composition of Forest Management plans
  2. Forest utilization includes area utilization, environmental services, timber and non-timber forest products utilization, and timber and non-timber forest products collection.
  3. Forest management and composition of Forest Management plans
  4. Rehabilitation and reclamation
  5. Forest protection and nature conservation
  6. Processing of forest products into raw materials or finished materials
  7. Education and training in Forestry
  8. Agroforestry development
  9. Community Forests and/or Community Plantation Forests building and development
  10. Trade in forest products and products of own production as well as those of other parties 

In addition to the primary business activities as referred to in article (2), the Company may carry out other businesses in the form of:

  1. Efforts to optimize the potential of owned resources for trading houses, agro-industrial complexes, agribusinesses, properties, warehousing, tourism, hotels, resorts, rest areas, hospitals, C-class mining excavation, telecommunications infrastructure, utilization of water resources, and other natural resources
  2. Other business activities under the purposes and objectives of the Company