Welcome to the New Perhutani!

Wahyu Kuncoro
President Director

In 2022, Perhutani enters its 61st year, a reasonably mature age as a company. In this happy moment, allow me to express my highest appreciation to all Perum Perhutani employees who remain enthusiastic and give their best contribution to their respective jobs amidst the ups and downs of the pandemic wave that has lasted for two years.

There are many encouraging achievements that Perhutani has achieved throughout 2021, both in terms of performance and Perhutani’s contribution to state revenues. This achievement should be appreciated and improved by maximizing our performance the following year.

This year, the theme is “New Perhutani”. Perhutani translates the article with efforts to increase corporate value following Perhutani’s Strategic Initiatives toward the RPJMN and SOE Priorities. The above mentioned values include downstream, digitization, decarbonization, development of the biomass industry, nature-based solutions, independent sugarcane-herbal-porang (amorphophallus muelleri) agroforestry, towards smart KPHs, ability to pass the period of determining KHDPK, restructuring of subsidiaries, improving the quality of SDH, and rebranding tourism.

Redesigning this website is one of the company’s digitalization efforts in public communication. We hope this digital channel will become a means of information for the Indonesian public to know more about us. On the other hand, Perhutani will constantly be challenged to maintain its integrity by realizing mutually agreed values: trustworthy, competent, harmonious, loyal, adaptive, and collaborative.


Perhutani is a State-Owned Enterprise in the form of a public company. For the sake of effectiveness and efficiency of performance and organization, Perhutani has several subsidiaries that are responsible for the forestry sectors.