Sonokeling Wood (Rosewood – Dalbergia Latifolia)

Unit Bisnis : Wood

General Features:
Colour: brownish terrace with slightly black stripes; sapwood is greyish white. Pattern: a beautifully patterned surface thanks to the presence of lines of different colours. Texture: almost smooth. Fibre Direction: straight to wavy. Gloss: smooth and slightly glossy surface. Hardness: medium to hard.

Anatomical Features:
Vessels/Pore: diffuse, solitary and partially multiple radially consisting of 2-3 pores, about 5-8 per mm2 in number, about 80-175 microns in tangential diameter, simple perforated areas, containing brownish-red deposits. Parenchyma: numerous, paratracheal wing sheath to wing shape and confluent bands. Radius: narrow to wide, i.e. from 1 series to 4 series, short, consisting of 7-8 cells, the number is about 8-12 per mm in the tangential direction, and in the tangential plane, there are visible wrinkles.

Properties and Uses:
Density: medium to heavy wood, with an average density of 0.83 (0.77-0.86); Durability Class: I; Solidity Class: II. Use: high-grade home furnishings, fine veneers, door and window frames, musical instruments, carved items, sculpted wood, and items that need to be bent. Sonokeling wood is also often used as a primary material for domestic and international furniture and wood industries.

Other names:
Angsana brits, sonosungu (java)

Similar types:
Sonosiso (Dalbergia Sissoides)

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