BERITASATU.COM, JAKARTA (31/5/2016) | As State telecommunication company in Indonesia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) is ready and committed to supporting the transformation and success of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) synergy which is often delivered by President Jokowi.
Located at Hotel Inna Parapa, Executive General Manager of the Division Enterprise Service Telkom Siti Choiriana well as Finance Director of PT Garam, Benny Suhartono and Director of Perum, Perhutani Mustoha Iskandar signed a Contract of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solution witnessed by Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga and Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Muhammad Awaluddin.
The Synergy is motivated by the government’s vision to make Indonesia a sovereign, independent and personality based on mutual cooperation towards Indonesia productive, efficient and competitive.
The ICT service solutions for PT Garam includes ERP modules (Marketing & Sales, HR, Logistics, Production, Finance and Dashboard and Reporting) as well as other ICT solutions (Vmachine, services manage service). While the service solutions for Perum Perhutani services include online sales with retail sales module, sales through contracts, as well as sales through the bidding / auction, on-site engineer, development in the field of human resources, hardware, and software, contact center and digital advertising.
On this occasion, Muhammad Awaluddin said that this synergy will optimize the performance of SOEs that led to Business Continuity, Business Sustainability, and Business Efficiency and eventually can become a model for other developing synergy.
“The spirit of synergy is expected to make PT Garam, Perum Perhutani, and Telkom Group together become Bigger (Sales & Market Size), Broader (Business Scope) and Better (Service Quality), which would support the government in building Indonesia,” Awaluddin added.
Tanggal  : 31 Mei 2016
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