Independent Business Unit (KBM) Sales of West Java and Banten Regional Divisions focus on selling round logs and wood/non-timber industrial products in the West Java and Banten regions.

The KBM Sales sells round logs in the West Java and Banten regions in retail, regular contracts and special contracts, which buyers can purchase through the Perhutani Store Online Sales application ( In addition to online sales, KBM Sales also serves purchases through auctions with a specific schedule broadcast through the mass media. And to facilitate service, 2 (two) Regional Service Managers from Bogor and Cirebon will serve the round logs buyers. The featured products of round logs for the West Java and Banten Regional Divisions are Teak, Pine, Mahogany, Acasia, Rasamala, et cetera.

Domestic Sales Service Manager of Industrial Products will serve the sales of West Java and Banten Regional Divisions’ industrial products at the KBM Sales office. The featured products of Industrial Products are:

    Gondorukem and Turpentine; are products of processed pine resin produced at the Sindangwangi Pine Sap Processing Factory (PGT), Bandung Regency.

    Eucalyptus Oil; is the result of the distillation of eucalyptus leaves produced at the Eucalyptus Oil Processing Plant (PMKP) Jatimunggul, Ciminyak, Tonjong and Malingping.

    Copal; is the result of processed resin sap which is tapped from the stem of Damar (Agathis sp.). Copal is produced from the forest areas of KPH South Bandung, Ciamis, Cianjur, Garut and Sukabumi.

By carrying out the spirit of “Customer Oriented”, the KBM Sales line is ready to be Ter”DEPAN” (Developing, Empathy, Planning, Analytics, and eNjoy). (-note. Terdepan means the foremost).

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KBM Penjualan Divisi Regional Jawa Barat dan Banten
Jl. Soekarno Hatta 628, Bandung 40292
Telepon : 022-7802971

KBM Penjualan Wilayah Bogor
Jl. Raya Tajur No, 206, Bogor
Telepon : 0251-7559212

KBM Penjualan Wilayah Cirebon
Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo No. 1, Cirebon
Telepon : 0231-204633