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Indramayu Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH)  is one of the management units under the West Java and Banten Regional Division. Its area is 40,701.05 Ha, covering forest areas in Indramayu Regency. Based on the evaluation of forest resource potential results in 2013, the forest area of ​​KPH Indramayu is a Production Forest covering an area of ​​32,629.86 Ha (80.17%) and 8,071.19 Ha (19.83%) Protected Forest.

Based on BATB (Official Report on Land Boundary) in 1915, 1916, 1923, 1924, 1931 and 1994, KPH Indramayu is a production forest based on topography consisting of 99.44% flat land and 0.56% sloping land. Based on its geographical location, KPH Indramayu is at 107°52? BT – 108°36? East Longitude and 6°15? LS – 6°400? LS. Based on the geographical area, the northern border is the Java Sea; the eastern is KPH Kuningan; the southern is KPH Majalengka and KPH Sumedang, and the western is KPH Purwakarta. The climate in the KPH Indramayu area is type D, with rainfall of 1,140 mm per year.

The forest area of ​​KPH Indramayu has four sections of forest with three forest classes: KP Jati (Teak), KP Kayu Putih (Eucalyptus) and KP Karet (Rubber), as presented in table 1.

Tabel 1. Jenis Tanah ditiap-tiap Bagian Hutan

Forest area management in KPH Indramayu is organized into 6 BKPH and 21 RPH. Each RPH has field implementers for nursery, plant, maintenance, thinning, security, extension/social assistance, environmental, and logging activities. KPH Indramayu has 211 employees.

The six BKPHs are Indramayu, Cikawung, Sanca, Haurgeulis, Plosokerep and Jatimunggul. The area of ​​BKPH Indramayu is 8,032.25 Ha, covering the working areas of RPH Purwa, RPH Cangkring, RPH Cemara and RPH Pabean Ilir. BKPH Cikawung has an area of ​​5,606.78 Ha, including RPH Cikawung, RPH Cikamurang, RPH Cipondoh and RPH Citayeum. BKPH Sanca covers an area of ​​5,879.81 Ha, overseeing RPH Sanca, RPH Bantarwaru, RPH Bantarhuni and RPH Cijambe.

Meanwhile, BKPH Haurgeulis has an area of ​​4,747.70 hectares, including RPH Gantar, RPH Cikandung and RPH Tamansari. Then BKPH Plosokerep has an area of ​​4,988.00 Ha, overseeing RPH Kroya, RPH Sukaslamet I and RPH Sukaslamet II. And BKPH Jatimunggul has an area of ​​11,271.18 Ha, covering RPH North Jatimunggul, RPH South Jatimunggul and Special Project RPH. KPH Indramayu has a 175.33 Ha groove area.

BKPH Cikawung has 1 BKPH-level Agroforestry Rubber unit and two RPH-level units, while BKPH Sanca has 1 BKPH-level Agroforestry Rubber unit and three RPH-level units. (See Peta KPH)


Pengelolaan Produksi

Production Management

Pengelolaan Lingkungan

Environmental Management

Pengelolaan Sosial

Social Management

Public Consultation Document:

Resume Hasil Konsultasi Publik Tahun 2013



Administratur Name  : Deden Yogi Nugraha

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