Majalengka Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) is one of 14 Forest Management Units under the West Java and Banten Regional Division. It covers an area of ​​20,396.78 hectares, covering forest areas in the Majalengka Regency and Cirebon Regency. Based on the evaluation of forest resource potential in 2012, the forest area of ​​KPH Majalengka is a Production Forest covering an area of ​​14,910.45 Ha (73.1%) and 5,486.33 Ha (26.9%) Non-Production Forest.

Based on the RPKH (Forest Conservation Management Plan) for KP Pinus (Pine) from 2006 to 2015 and KP Mahoni (Mahogany) from 2007 to 2016, KPH Majalengka is a production forest and protection forest based on topography consisting of 52.98% flat, undulating land (38, 83%), rather steep (8.19%), the land condition consists of clay, limestone, and marl. The climate in the Majalengka KPH area is type D, with rainfall of 1,140 mm per year.

KPH Majalengka forest area has seven Forest Sections with Mahogany/Pine forest class and soil type.

Forest area management in KPH Majalengka is organized into 4 BKPH and 13 RPH. Each RPH has field implementers for plant activities, maintenance, thinning, security, extension/social assistants, environmental assistants, and logging (BKPH). There are 146 employees of KPH Majalengka.

The four BKPHs are Cibenda, Ciwaringin, Majalengka, and Talaga. The area of ​​BKPH Cibenda is 10,600.25 Ha, covering the working areas of RPH Sukajaya, RPH Cibenda, and RPH Sabandar. BKPH Ciwaringin has an area of​​2,540.82 Ha, including RPH Ciwaringin, RPH Lewimunding, RPH Kepuh and RPH Rajagaluh. BKPH Majalengka covers an area of ​​5,586.33 Ha, overseeing RPH Majalengka, RPH Pancurendang, RPH Anggrawati, RPH Cihaur and RPH Mt. Larang. In addition, the KPH Majalengka area also covers an area of ​​73.20 Ha. (See: Peta KPH).


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Administratur Name : Widi Wiliady

Perum Perhutani KPH Majalengka
Divisi Regional Jawa Barat & Banten
Jl. Kehutanan No 205 Majalengka
Telp. 0233 281215  Fax. 0233 281513

Email : kph.majalengka@perhutani.co.id