KPH Sukabumi is one of the forest management units on the island of Java within the scope of the State Forestry Public Company (Perum Perhutani) of West Java and Banten Regional Division, with the Head Office in Jakarta, where Perum Perhutani became a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) in 2010 based on Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 72 of 2010 concerning State Forestry Public Companies.

The Sukabumi Forest Management Unit (KPH) in the period 1952 -1957 management was part of the West Java Province Forest Area, which was handled by the West Java Forestry Bureau, covering the West Cianjur Forest Area.

Based on PP No. 64 of 1957, Article 8 paragraph 1, the Indonesian government handed over the forest management to the Regional Government of Suwantantra. From 1957-1978, the authorities changed the Forest Area into a Forest Management Unit (KPH) and the Head of the Forest Sub-region (KSDH) to the Head of the Forest Management Sub Unit (KSKPH); also including the West Cianjur forest to the Cianjur Forest Management area.

Based on PP No. 2 of 1978, the entire area of ​​the West Java Province Forestry Service was designated as the West Java Perum Perhutani Production Unit, while the title of the Head of the Forest Management Unit (KKPH) was changed to Perum Perhutani Administrator/Head of the Forest Management Unit.

Perum Perhutani, as a State-Owned Enterprise, is regulated by government regulation no. 53/1999 (changed from PP 36/1986), was given the task of managing state forest areas (Protection Forest and Production Forest) in Central Java (Unit I), East Java (Unit II) and West Java (Unit III). And in 2001, based on PP No. 14 of 2001, the status of Perum Perhutani changed to a Limited Liability Company (PT) and switched back to Perum Perhutani based on Government Regulation No. 30 of 2003, then in 2010, based on Government Regulation No. 72 of 2010 as a replacement for Regulation No. Government Number 30 of 2003.

As a management unit of Perum Perhutani of West Java and Banten Regional Division, KPH SUkabumi has a working area that includes protected forest and production forest of Sukabumi Regency.

KPH Sukabumi, as one of the work units in State-Owned Enterprises, is given the authority to manage forests in Sukabumi Regency as mandated in the PP. 72 of 2010 in lieu of Government Regulation No. 30 of 2003, concerning Perum Perhutani with a forest area based on SK. Board of Directors of Perum Perhutani No. 902/KPTS-II/Dir/2013, dated 30 August 2013, covering an area of ​​58,495.53 Ha.

Forest area management in KPH Sukabumi is organized into 6 BKPH and 22 RPH. Each RPH has field implementers for plant activities, nursery, tapping, maintenance, thinning, security/Polter, extension/social assistant, environmental assistant, and logging (BKPH). There are 278 employees of KPH Sukabumi.

Based on the land suitability, the KPH Sukabumi forest area is divided into 2 (two) company classes (KP):

  1. KP Jati (Teak) 12,548.98 Ha
  2. KP Pinus (Pine) 45,946.55 Ha

Meanwhile, based on the management area, it is divided into 2 (two) Sub KPH (SKPH), with the following details:

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Administratur Name : Asep Setiawan

Perum Perhutani KPH Sukabumi
Divisi Regional Jawa Barat & Banten
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