Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) Tasikmalaya is one of the management units under the West Java and Banten Regional Division. KPH Tasikmalaya was formed based on Perum Perhutani Board of Directors decree No. 910/KPTS/Dir/2013 concerning the Division of Forest Areas in the Tasikmalaya Forest Management Unit. The forest area is 43,974.61 Ha, including those located in Tasikmalaya Regency and Tasikmalaya City, West Java Province. Geographically, it is located at 7’03’00’ to 7’48’10 South Latitude and 107’54’32’ to 108P’28’5′ East Longitude. ​​Perum Perhutani KPH Tasikmalaya forest area covers an area of​​43,974.61 Ha, which by functions, are divided into:

  •   Limited Production Forest <15% : 7,627.19
  •   Limited Production Forest >15% : 14,995.40
  •   Production Forest : 5,281.13 Ha (11 %)
  •   Protected Forest : 16,070.89 Ha (37%)

Total : 43,974.61 Ha

KPH Tasikmalaya forest is divided into 5 (five) BKPHs and 18 (Eighteen) Forest Management Resorts (RPH) consisting of:

  1. Forest Management Unit Section (BKPH Tasikmalaya) area: 10,481.71 Ha, covering the area of ​​RPH Cineam covering an area of ​​3,731.09 Ha, RPH Pageurageung with an area of ​​1,577.40 Ha, RPH Cisayong with an area of ​​2,773.20 Ha, RPH Ciawi with an area of ​​2,400.02 Ha.
  2. BKPH Singaparna area: 8,851.54 Ha, covering  RPH Sukaraja ​​598.78 Ha, RPHTenjowaringin 2,849.13 Ha, RPH Leuwisari 3,303.00 Ha, RPH Cigalontang 2,100.63 Ha.
  3. BKPH Taraju area: 5,243.42 Ha, covering the area of ​​RPH Lukun with an area of ​​1,619.06 Ha; RPH Taraju has an area of ​​1,005.70 Ha, and RPH Sodong has an area of ​​2,618.66 Ha.
  4. BKPH Karangnunggal area of ​​10,967.90 Ha, covering ​​RPH Cibalong area of ​​1,520.00 Ha, RPH Karangnunggal area of ​​2,356.08 Ha, RPH Simpang area of ​​2,046.32 Ha, RPH Cipatujah area of ​​5,045.50 Ha.
  5. BKPH Cikatomas Area: 8,430.04 Ha, covering the area of ​​RPH Salopa with an area of ​​2,561.36 Ha, RPH Cikatomas with an area of ​​3,177.81 Ha, RPH Cikalong with an area of ​​2,690.87 Ha.

KPH Tasikmalaya has a total number of 179 employees.

KPH Tasikmalaya forest area is divided into 3 (Three) Company Classes (KP): KP Jati (Teak), KP Mahoni (Mahogany), and KP Pinus (Pine), with climate types A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. KP Jati and KP Mahoni area have wavy topography, mountains and hills with the slopes range from gently sloping to very steep; while KP Pinus has relatively bumpy, the hills, mountains and slopes are very steep topography. KP Jati and KP Mahoni areas are located at an altitude ranging from 0-600 m above sea level, which is an ideal condition for teak. On the other hand, KP Pinus is at an altitude ranging from 0-900 m above sea level, which is very good for pine plants.


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Administratur Name : Nandang Kusnandar

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