The Central Java Forest Products Industry Independent Business Unit (KBM IHH Central Java) is one of the work units under the Perum Perhutani Central Java Regional Division, which is responsible for managing the company’s business independently to increase company revenues, especially in the Non-Timber Industry.

The KBM Forest Products Industry includes the management of the Non-Timber Forest Products Production Process and selling non-timber forest products in the Perum Perhutani Central Java area.

The working area of ​​Central Java IHH KBM includes 1 (one) IHH KBM office located in Mranggen, 4 (four) Gondorukem and Turpentine factories (PGT), i.e. PGT Sapuran in Wonosobo Regency, PGT Paninggaran in Pekalongan Regency, PGT Winduaji in Brebes Regency, and PGT Cimanggu in Cilacap Regency, 1 Gondorukem Turpentine Derivative Factory (PDGT)/ Perhutani Pine Chemical Industry (PPCI) in Pemalang Regency, and 2 (two) warehouse locations for sales services, i.e. Gondorukem and Turpentine warehouses at the KBM office and TPKG Pekalongan.

Production management at KBM IHH includes pine resin and its derivatives. The total cooking capacity is 82,000 tons/year, consisting of PGT Cimanggu (18,000 tons/year), PGT Winduaji (13,500 tons/year), PGT Sapuran (14,000 tons/year), PGT Paninggaran (12,000 tons/year) and PPCI (24,500 tons/year).

The main products produced by KBM IHH are Gondorukem and Turpentine, with derivative products such as Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Delta Carene, Glycerol Rosin Ester (GRE), Terpineol and Cineol.

The storage capacity of KBM IHH products is 6,336 tons of gondorukem warehouse and 544 tons of turpentine tanks, which are warehouses at the KBM and TPKG Pekalongan offices, respectively.

KBM IHH Central Java serves domestic and foreign sales through agents and direct sales.

KBM IHH Central Java obtained the ISO 9001:2015-Quality Management System certificate with the MUTU-QMS/147 number issued by PT Mutuagung Lestari and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals). In carrying out its business processes, KBM IHH Central Java is guided by three SNIs, i.e. SNI Pine Resin no. 7837-2016, SNI Gondorukem no. 7636-2011 and SNI Turpentine Oil no. 7633-2011. 86 Perum Perhutani Management System Work Procedures (PK SMPHT), and 30 Work Instructions (IK) are used at the IHH KBM office, the Gondorukem Turpentine Factory and PPCI Pemalang.


KBM IHH Jawa Tengah

Jl. Semarang – Purwodadi No.KM.15, Tegalan, Brumbung, Kec. Mranggen, Kabupaten Demak, Jawa Tengah 59567

Telp: (024) 76743228

Fax: (024) 76743229