Independent Business Unit (KBM) Sales of the Central Java Regional Division focuses on selling the best quality log and industrial wood/non-timber products in the Central Java region.

Log sales in the Central Java region are served in retail, regular contracts and special contracts, where purchases are made through the Perhutani Store Online Sale application ( In addition to online sales, the KBM Sales of Central Java Regional Division also serves purchases through auctions with a specific schedule broadcast through the mass media. And to facilitate service, log buyers are served by 2 (two) Regional Service Managers, Cepu and Tegal.

The Cepu Area Service Manager serves the wood sale from the production forests of KPH Cepu, KPH Mantingan, KPH Pati, KPH Blora, KPH Kebonharjo, KPH Randublatung, KPH Gundih, KPH Purwodadi, KPH Telawa and KPH Surakarta.

The Tegal Area Service Manager serves the wood sale from the production forests of KPH West Banyumas, KPH East Banyumas, KPH Balapulang, KPH West Pekalongan, KPH East Pekalongan, KPH South Kedu, KPH North Kedu, KPH Pemalang, KPH Kendal, and KPH Semarang.

The flagship products of the Central Java Regional Division Logs are Teak, Pine, Sonokeling, Mahogany, Acasia, Rasamala, et cetera.

The Central Java Regional Division Industrial Products sales are served by the Domestic Sales Service Manager of Industrial Products at the KBM Sales office. Main products of Industrial Products are:

    Gondorukem and Turpentine are products of processed pine resin produced at the Paninggaran, Winduaji, Sapuran and Cimanggu Pine Resin Processing Plants and Pemalang PDGT.

    Eucalyptus Oil results from the distillation of eucalyptus leaves produced at the Krai Eucalyptus Oil Processing Factory (PMKP), LMDH KPH Banyumas Barat, LMDH KPH Surakarta and LMDH Telawa.

    Copal is the result of processed resin sap tapped from Damar’s stem (Agathis sp.). Copal is produced from the forest areas of KPH South Kedu, KPH North Kedu, KPH East Banyumas, and KPH East Pekalongan.

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KBM Penjualan Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah
Jl. Pahlawan No 15-17 Semarang
Telepon : 024-86449043, Fax : 024-86449041

KBM Penjualan Wilayah Cepu
Jl. Sorogo No. 9A
Telepon : 0296-421352 , Fax : 0296-421849

KBM Penjualan Wilayah Tegal
Jl. Menteri Supeno No 1Tegal
Telepon : 0283-324957