Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) East Banyumas is a work unit in the area of ​​Perum Perhutani Central Java Regional Division. The total area of​​46,453.00 Ha includes forest areas located in 4 districts: Cilacap Regency 1,872.71 ha (4.03%), Banyumas Regency 17,897.10 ha (38.53%), Purbalingga Regency 15,079.91 ha (32 ,46%) and Banjarnegara Regency 11,603.28 ha (24.98%).

The geographical location of the KPH East Banyumas, based on location coordinates, is between 107°58” to 108°48” East Longitude and 70°12” to 70°39” South Latitude with forest area boundaries as follows:

  • North: Mount Slamet
  • South: Indian Ocean
  • East: KPH East Pekalongan and KPH North Kedu
  • West: KPH West Banyumas and KPH West Pekalongan

The forest area of ​​the KPH East Banyumas is a mountain forest, located between 25 meters above sea level to 3,428 meters above sea level (masl); rainfall is more than 2000 mm/year, with air temperatures ranging from 18 ° to 33 ° Celsius. The mountainous forest area of ​​the KPH East Banyumas is located in BKPH West Mount Slamet, BKPH East Mount Slamet and BKPH Karangkobar, concentrated on the group of Forest Section (BH) Mount Slamet, BH Gunung Beser and BH Karangkobar covering an area of ​​39,962.09 ha. The forest stands were dominated by Pine (Pinus Merkusii), Damar (Agathi Dammara), Rasamala (Altingia Excelsa), and Puspa (Schima Wallichii) stands. While the forest area in the lowlands is located in BH Purwokerto, covering an area of ​​6,490.91 ha dominated by stands of Pine (Pinus Merkusii), Teak (Tectona Grandis),  Acacia Mangium, et cetera; located in BKPH Jatilawang and BKPH Kebasen.

The topography and slopes of the East Banyumas KPH forest area consist of: slightly steep 82.10 ha (0.17 %), steep 29.392.30 ha (63.27 %), and steep 16.978.60 ha (36.55%). Geological conditions with parent material scattered in undulating and hilly areas. On the plains, the parent material of clay deposits is found at BKPH Jatilawang and BKPH Kebasen. Meanwhile, in wavy and hilly conditions, the latosol type spreads from BH Mount Slamet and BH Gunung Beser to BH Karangkobar.

Based on the results of the evaluation of forest resource potential in 2015, the forest area of ​​the East Banyumas KPH consists of Production Forest (HP) covering an area of ​​5,400.80 Ha (11.63%), Limited Production Forest (HPT) of 20,124.19 ha (43.32%) and Protected Forest (HL) of 20,928.01 Ha (45.05%). The arrangement is divided into 4 Forest Sections (BH) with 2 Company Classes (KP) and soil types.

Forest area management in the East Banyumas KPH is organized into 5 BKPHs and 20 RPHs. The 5 (five) BKPHs are:

  1. BKPH Jatilawang,
  2. BKPH Kebasen,
  3. BKPH Gunung Slamet Barat,
  4. BKPH Gunung Slamet Timur, dan
  5. BKPH Karangkobar.

BKPH Jatilawang has an area of 3,621.35 Ha consisting of RPH Jambusari, RPH Pengadegan, RPH Jatilawang and RPH Kaliputih. BKPH Kebasen has an area of 2,869.56 Ha consisting of RPH Sidamulih, RPH Kalirajut, RPH Mandirancan and RPH Kebasen. In the meantime, BKPH West Mount Slamet covers an area of 14,786.01 Ha consisting of RPH Lebaksiu, RPH Karanggandul and RPH Baturaden. East Mount Slamet BKPH has an area of 13,571.76 hectares consisting of RPH Serang, RPH Karangreja, RPH Picung, and RPH Tunjungmuli. BKPH Karangkobar has an area of 11,603.28 Ha, overseeing RPH Batur, RPH Pandanarum, RPH Kalibening, RPH Wanayasa and RPH Siweru. The number of employees up to December 2016 is 203 people.


Administratur Name : Mochamad Risqon

Perum Perhutani KPH Banyumas Timur
Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah
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