The working area of Perum Perhutani’s Forest Management Unit (KPH) Blora is geographically located between 1110 16″BB – 1110 338″BB and 060 528″LS – 070 248″LS, administratively located in the Blora Regency, Central Java Province.

Based on the Forest Management Plan for the period 2015 – 2024, the definitive area of ​​the forest area of ​​KPH Blora is 15,105.89 hectares, where within this area there is land originating from compensation, land exchange, and borrowings totaling 104.99 hectares.

The forest area of KPH Blora, covering 15,105.89 hectares, is divided into 3 Forest Area (BH) with areas according to their functions, including the Kunduran Forest Area covering Kalonan BKPH and Ngawenombo BKPH, the Ngawen Forest Area covering Nglawungan BKPH and Ngapus BKPH, and the Banjarejo Forest Area covering Ngrangkang BKPH and Kalisari BKPH (Organizational Structure).

Administratively, Perum Perhutani KPH Blora is divided into 6 BKPH and 17 RPH.



Administratur Name : Yeni Ernaningsih

Perum Perhutani KPH Blora
Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah
JL. DR. Soetomo No. 56, Blora, Kode pos 58211
Telp  : 0296 531025

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