Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) Pati is one of the management units in the Central Java Regional Division. It covers an area of ​​38.637,18 hectares, covering forest areas in Pati, Jepara, Kudus, Grobogan, Blora, and Rembang Districts. Based on the evaluation of forest resource potential in 2010, the forest area of ​​KPH Pati is a Production Forest covering an area of ​​ 33.521,91 Ha and 5.115,27 Ha of a Non-Production Forest.

Based on BATB (Official Report on Land Boundary) in 1926 – 1927 and BATB in 1937, KPH Pati is a production forest. Based on topography, KPH Pati consists of BH Ngarengan: sloping; BH Banjaran: flat and valleys; BH Kayen: partly flat, sloping and steep; BH Jakenan: flat and wavy; BH Patiayam: partially flat, sloping and steep ravines; BH Gunung Muria: steep. KPH Pati is located at an altitude of 0 to 1,601.8 above sea level. Based on the geographical location, it is between 110° 38′ East Longitude to 111° 15′ East Longitude, 06° 25′ South Latitude to 07° 00′ South Latitude.

The forest area of ​​KPH Pati has six Forest Sections (BH) with teak forest classes and soil types as follows:

  1. BH Ngarengan, Soil Type: Mediterranean, latosol, Leptosol, Regosol
  2. BH Banjaran, Soil Type: Latosol, Leptosol & Mediterranean
  3. BH Kayen, Soil Type: Mediterranean, Leptosol & Mediterranean
  4. BH Jakenan, Soil Type: Mediterranean Association, Grumusol Association
  5. BH Patiayam, Soil Type: Leptosol & Grumusol Association
  6. BH Gunung Muria, Soil Type: Andosol, Red Latosol and Brown Latosol.

Forest area management in KPH Pati is divided into 10 BKPH and 47 RPH. Each RPH has field implementers for plant activities, maintenance, thinning, security, extension/social assistants, environmental assistants, and logging (BKPH).

The ten BKPHs are BKPH Regaloh, Sukolilo, Tambakromo, Kuwawur, Lunggoh, Barisan, Muria Pati Ayam, Klumobangsri, Gajahbiru and Ngarengan. The area of ​​BKPH Regaloh is 2,677.15 Ha, covering the working areas of RPH Pakel, RPH Regaloh, RPH Pangonan, and RPH Pasucen. BKPH Sukolilo (​​2,357.84 Ha), including RPH Sukolilo, RPH Wonokusumo, RPH Jember, and RPH Slungkep. BKPH Tambakromo (3,109.33 Ha), overseeing RPH Brati, RPH Maitan, RPH Gayam, RPH Larangan, and RPH Kedungklawa. BKPH Kuwawur (2,435.59 Ha) is in charge of RPH Kuwawur, RPH Selonatah, RPH Guyangan, and RPH Kemisik. BKPH Lunggoh (2.537,14 Ha) includes RPH Dangklik, RPH Lunggoh, RPH Cabean and RPH Kedung Menjangan. BKPH Barisan (2,361.14 ha) covering RPH Mojo, RPH Mencon, RPH Kletek and RPH Barisan.

Meanwhile, BKPH Muria Pati Ayam has an area of ​​7,977.56 Ha, covering RPH Karanganyar, RPH Tlogo, RPH Sukobubuk, RPH Ternadi, RPH Batealit, and RPH Bategede. BKPH Klumobangsri (3,440.92 ha) overseeing RPH Sekuro, RPH Bondo, RPH Tubanan, RPH Kancilan and RPH Kembang. BKPH Gajahbiru (7,091.56 Ha) covering RPH Jenggotan, RPH Jlegong, RPH Durentumpang, RPH Banyumanis and RPH Semanding. And BKPH Ngarengan (5,044.76 Ha) including RPH Puncel, RPH Ngancang, RPH Ngarenan, RPH Penggung, RPH Bulungan, and RPH Medani. (See: Peta KPH)

There are 229 employees in KPH Pati since April 2024.

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Administratur Name : Sukmono Edwi Susanto

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