Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) Randublatung is one of the management units in the Central Java Regional Division.

The forest area of ​​KPH Randublatung is 32.425,55 Ha, all of which are Teak Company Class (KP). Based on the objectives, KPH Randublatung consists of 32.438,72 Ha of Production Forest, 3.218,35 Ha of Protected Forest, and 2.445,26 Ha of Other Usage Forest

The working area of ​​Perhutani KPH Randublatung is administratively located in Banjarejo, Jepon, Kradenan (Menden), Randublatung and Jati Sub-districts of Blora District and Gabus Sub-district of Grobogan District, Central Java Regional Division.

Geographically based, KPH Randublatung is on 7°05′ to 7°20′ south latitude and 4°25′ to 4°40′ east longitude. Meanwhile, the KPHs bordering the KPH Randublatung area are as follows:

  •   KPH Blora (north)
  •   KPH Cepu (east)
  •   KPH Ngawi/East Java Regional Division (south)
  •   KPH Gundih (west)

KPH Randublatung’s forest management area is regulated in 6 (six) Forest Sections (BH), i.e. BH Doplang (5.894,79 ha), BH Bekutuk (4.875,98 ha), BH Ngliron (6.335,56 ha), BH Banglean (5.216,60 ha), BH Banyuurip (5.128,72 ha) and BH Randublatung (4.973,90 ha).

The forest area of ​​KPH Randublatung is mainly rocky (limestone) with alluvial, leptosol, regosol, grumusol and Mediterranean soil types. These soils are derived from limestone deposits, clay/loam and marl. Soils with calcareous and loamy parent materials that are almost always impermeable, with high expansion and shrinkage, are poor physical properties and are not suitable for motorized roads.

The forest area of ​​KPH Randublatung and its surroundings has a tropical climate characterized by alternating rainy and dry seasons throughout the year. Located at an altitude of 75-245 meters above sea level, it has a type C climate, according to Schmidt & Ferguson. The environment with this type of climate is very suitable for planting teak stands. The average temperature is 31° C, and the average rainfall is 1,480 mm/year.

Public Summary KPH Randublatung

Administratur Name : Ida Jatiyana

Perum Perhutani KPH Randublatung
Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah
JL. Cepu Blok III/28, Randublatung, Blora Kode Pos 58382
Telp : (0296) 810012

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