The Independent Business Unit for Forest Products Industry (KBM IHH) was established in 2017 under the Decree of the Board of Directors of Perum Perhutani Number 143/KPTS/DIR/2017 dated 27 February 2017. KBM IHH East Java is led by a Senior General Manager and assisted by Managers handling the following functions:

  1. Manager of PPIC, Supply Chain, Systems, Reporting & IT
  2. Manager of Finance, HR & General Affairs
  3. Manager of Inventory
  4. Non-Timber Operations Manager
  5. Timber Operations Manager
  6. Head of PPI (Perhutani Plywood Industry) Factory

KBM IHH East Java is a KBM that handles both timber and non-timber industries in East Java.


Non-Timber Industry

Non-Timber Industries process Pine sap raw materials into Gondorukem and Turpentine oil products. The purposes of Non-Timber Industries are:

  1. Increase the benefits of non-timber forest products, especially pine resin
  2. Develop a non-timber forest product processing industry
  3. Improve the quality and quantity of Gondorukem & Turpentine pro
  4. Provision of employment opportunities for residents/communities around the forest

Non-Timber Industrial Products

  • GONDORUKEM is a residue from the distillation of pine resin in the form of a clear yellow to dark yellow solid. ·
  • TURPENTINE OIL is the result of the distillation of pine resin with the main content of Alpha Pinene

 It has 3 Processing Plants:

  1. PGT Garahan Jember
  2. PGT Sukun Ponorogo
  3. PGT Rejowinangun Trenggalek

Non-Wood Industry KBM IHH East Java has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 and Reach


Timber Industry

Timber Industry is an industry that processes timber in the East Java region from logs to RST and finished products for Teak and Jungle Wood, which has five factories:

  • IK Gresik
  • IK Saradan
  • IK Jatirogo
  • PGM Ngawi
  • Perhutani Plywood Industry (PPI)

Wood Industry Products

  • RST, for example, RST Flooring, RST Decking, RST Longstrip, RST Reng, RST S4S Sengon, Balken Sengon, et cetera.
  • Finished products include Lamela, Decking, Finish Flooring, FJL Flooring, Veneer Core, Barecore, Parquet, et cetera.

In addition to being processed by Perhutani, Perhutani also cooperates with third parties (partners) in wood processing through KSP and Processing Services.

East Java’s wood industry has been certified to ISO 9001: 2015, SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) and COC – FSC




East Java Regional Division Forest Products Industry Independent Business Unit

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