Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) Kediri is one of the forest resource management units in the East Java Regional Division. Its area is 117.934,22 Ha Ha, covering forest areas in Kediri, Nganjuk, Tulungagung, Trenggalek, Jombang Regencies, and Kediri municipality. Based on the evaluation of the potential of forest resources in 2014, the composition of the KPH Kediri  Forest Area consists of a Protected Forest covering an area of ​​38.016,22 ha (32.32%) and a Production Forest covering an area of ​​79.918,00 Ha Ha (67.68%)

Based on BATB (Official Report on Land Boundary) from 1936 to 1942, the topography of the KPH Kediri forest consists of 0.70% flat, sloping (14.80%), slightly steep 29.2%, steep (23.90%), and very steep 31.40%. KPH Kediri is located at an altitude of 0 to 1,300 above sea level. Based on geology, the condition consists of clay, limestone, and marl. The climate in the KPH Kediri area is type C & D, with 2,173 mm of rainfall per year.

The forest area of ​​KPH Kediri has 7 (Seven) Forest Sections (BH) with company class (KP) of Teak, Pine and Sengon. Company Class distribution data and soil types are presented in the table below.

Management of forest areas in KPH Kediri is divided into 9 Forest Management Units (BKPH) and 43 Forest Management Resorts (RPH). Each RPH has a field implementer or foreman for activities: planting, maintenance, thinning, security, PHBM/social extension assistants, environmental assistants, and logging. The total number of employees of KPH Kediri is 534 people.

The nine BKPHs include: BKPH Pare, with an area of ​​9,983.0 Ha; BKPH Kediri of ​​12,648.9 Ha; BKPH Pace of ​​11,602.9 Ha; BKPH Tulungagung has an area of ​​14,366.6 Ha; BKPH Trenggalek of ​​12,474.2 Ha; BKPH Karangan of​​9,942.3 Ha; BKPH Bandung of ​​16,471.4 Ha; BKPH Kampak 15,123.8 Ha and BKPH Dongko 14,719.0 Ha. (see: KPH Map)


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