Perum Perhutani Forest Management Unit (KPH) Nganjuk is one of the management units in the East Java Regional Division. The working area of​​ Perum Perhutani KPH Nganjuk is 21.294,22 Ha.

The forest area of ​​the Nganjuk KPH is divided into 2 (two) district administration areas, Nganjuk Regency (20,476.10 Ha) and Madiun Regency (818,12 Ha).

KPH Nganjuk is under Company Class (KP) of Teak and Production Forest (HP), covering an area of ​​20.013,85 ha consisting of a Protection Area covering an area of ​​1,669.2 Ha, a Production Area of 17,798.5 Ha, a Non-production Area of ​​538.9 Ha and Protected Forest area (HL) of ​​1.280,36 Ha.

Geographically, KPH Nganjuk is located at a latitude between 7°20′ South Latitude to 7°50′ South Latitude and longitude 111°50′ East Longitude to 111°13′ East Longitude.

The boundaries of the Nganjuk KPH with other KPHs:

  •   North: KPH Bojonegoro
  •   East KPH Jombang
  •   South: KPH Kediri
  •   West: KPH Saradan

KPH Nganjuk is divided into 2 (two) Forest Sections (BH):

  1.   BH Berbek: 8,636.5 Ha
  2.   BH Tritik: 12,636.6 Ha

The topography of the forest area of KPH Nganjuk consists of a flat area of ​​4,709 hectares, a sloping area of ​​13,638.6 hectares, a slightly steep area of ​​2,224 hectares, a steep area of ​​388.2 hectares, a very steep area of ​​313.3 hectares. The climate type of KPH Nganjuk is type E, with a Q value of 134%.

The forest area management of KPH Nganjuk is divided into 5 Forest Management Units (BKPH), i.e. BKPH Bagor, BKPH Berbek, BKPH Tritik, BKPH Tamanan, BKPH Wengkal with 23 Forest Management Resorts (RPH).

The number of employees of Perhutani Nganjuk is 213 people.


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Administratur Name : Albert Revy Soeharsanto

Perum Perhutani KPH Nganjuk
Divisi Regional Jawa Timur
Jl. Merdeka No. 6 Nganjuk
Telp : 0358 321729
Fax : 0358 326015

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