The working area of ​​Perum Perhutani KPH Ngawi is 35.102,66 Ha, consisting of a Production Forest of 35.088,56 Ha or (99,96%), Protected Forest of 14,10 Ha or (0,04%).
KPH Ngawi is under the administrative areas of:

  • Ngawi Regency (35,201.80 Ha) with a population of 862,533 people.
  • Blora Regency (8,257.70 Ha) with a population of 156.039 people.
  • Bojonegoro Regency (​​2,447.60 Ha) with a population of 20,771 people.

The livelihoods of residents under the KPH Ngawi area are Farmers (agriculture), Traders (trade), Civil Servants/military (ABRI), hodge (farm hands), et cetera.

The concession area of ​​KPH Ngawi per the Forest Function Map of KPH Ngawi is 35.102,66 Ha, all classified as Teak Company Class (KP).
Geographical location 110?26’40” – 111?40′ East Longitude 7?24’26” – 7?31’00” South Latitude

Work Area:
Ngawi Regency Forestry and Plantation Service
  Department of Agriculture, Forestry Sector of Bojonegoro Regency
  Blora Regency Forestry and Plantation Service
  East Java Provincial Forestry Service
  Central Java Provincial Forestry Service

KPH Ngawi boundaries:

  •   North: KPH Gundih, Padangan, Bojonegoro & Randublatung
  •   East: KPH Saradan
  •   South: KPH Lawu Ds
  •   West: KPH Surakarta

Territory Division

Based on planning, the KPH Ngawi forest area is divided into 8 (eight) forest sections (BH):
a) BH North Walikukun : 9.959,90 ha
b) BH South Walikukun : 5.522,90 ha
c) BH North Kedunggala r: 6.064,50 ha
d) BH South Kedunggalar : 4.515,20 ha
e) BH Ngandong: 5.547,60 ha
f) BH Kedawak : 5.162,80 ha
g) BH Getas : 5.343,50 ha
h) BH Geneng : 3.793,30 ha

KPH Ngawi is also divided into three work areas or Sub KPHs (SKPH): SKPH East Ngawi, SKPH Central Ngawi and SKPH West Ngawi, which are divided into 14 Forest Management Units (BKPH) and 55 Forest Management Resorts (RPH).

Based on the administrative area, KPH Ngawi is divided into three :

1. Ngawi Regency : 35.201,80 ha
2. Blora Regency : 38.257,70 ha
3. Bojonegoro Regency : 32.447,60 ha

2) Area Division Based on Village Administration

Administratively, the working area of ​​KPH Ngawi is in the province of East Java and Central Java, consisting of three regencies, 20 sub-districts, and 85 villages. (See: Peta Wilayah Kerja)


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Administratur Name : Andi Adrian Hidayat

Perum Perhutani KPH Ngawi
Divisi Regional Jawa Timur
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Telp : 0351 749019
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