The Forest Management Unit (KPH) Parengan is one of the forest-resource management work units of the Perum Perhutani East Java Regional Division.

KPH Parengan manages teak forest resources with an area of​​17,633.3 Ha, as stated in the 2006 – 2015 Forest Sustainability Management Plan (RPKH). Administratively, KPH Parengan is located in two districts: Tuban Regency, which covers an area of ​​14,870 Ha (84%) and  ​​Bojonegoro Regency, which covers an area of​​2,763.3 Ha (16%). The Perhutani KPH Parengan office is in Bojonegoro city.

Geographically, KPH Parengan is located between 110°54’24” – 111°55’56” east longitude and between 6°55’30” – 7°7’00” south latitude. Based on the climate classification according to Schmidt-Ferguson, KPH Parengan was only effectively implemented in early 2012 at the monitoring location representing the forest area, while the results of rainfall monitoring were up to the second semester (two) of 2015 with average humidity: 903%, temperature: 337 °C, average rainfall: 1.171 mm/yr.

KPH Parengan implements forest resource management following the principle of sustainability. In its implementation, KPH Parengan applies the principles of sustainable forest management, both mandatory ones based on the Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL) scheme and voluntary ones with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme. As part of applying these principles, KPH Parengan conducts forest management with the concept of the Forest Section as a sustainability unit, with the plot as the smallest management unit. The forest area of ​​KPH Parengan is divided into 3 Forest Sections (BH), namely :

  • BH Nglirip: 7,194.8 Ha.
  • BH Parengan: 5,307.4 Ha.
  • BH Kanten: 5,131.1 Ha.

(See: Peta Wilayah)

KPH Parengan work unit is divided into six Forest Management Units (BKPH) to carry out effective forest resource management, and each BKPH is further divided into 25 Forest Management Resorts (RPH).

The number of employees of KPH Parengan is 297 people.


Kelola Produksi

Kelola Lingkungan

Kelola Sosial

Rencana Tindak lanjut (RTL) Conttolled Wood


Piagam Penghargaan :

Zero Accident dari Gubernur dan Bupati



Nama Administratur : Irawan Darwanto Djati

Perum Perhutani KPH Parengan
Divisi Regional Jawa Timur
Jl. Teuku Umar No 2  Bojonegoro
Telp: 0353-881146 / 881230

Email  :